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Self-managed super attracts new members seeking tax benefits

SMSF Loan Experts managing director Yannick Ieko says the costs of borrowing within super to buy property have been dropping, and he is seeing more people aged under 40 set up SMSFs.
“You have the freedom to manage things yourself or appoint a professional to assist you,” he says.
“You have complete control over your own super.”

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Investing in Specialist Disability Accommodation: Everything you need to know

“There is a significant undersupply of SDA properties across the country. Property investors who invest in the sector are not only generating strong returns, they are also helping to solve a social crisis,” said Yannick Ieko, founder and managing director of NDIS Loan Experts and SMSF Loan Experts. According to him, the attractive returns these properties generate can reach up to 20 per cent per annum. The only thing holding investors back is understanding how to navigate the field. “The most common question I receive is: ‘How do I find or invest in an NDIS-approved property?’ People want to know what the process involves,” Mr Ieko said.

Disability housing shortage driving high-yield opportunities

“SMSFs are investing in properties all over the country and leasing them out as NDIS accommodation to help solve the accommodation shortfall for people that need supported independent living,” SMSF Loan Experts founder Yannick Ieko said. “When you think of NDIS property investment, think of it as your social-minded, ethical investment choice with low risk and high returns.”

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Cars And Pink Diamonds; What SMSF Investors Are Buying Besides Equities

Talk about alternative investing! Our fearless leader Yannick went live on Ausbiz – Australia’s leading provider of the latest news in Australian business, markets, economy and startups. Yannick discusses what the self directed crowd are buying when shares have run too hot. The answers may surprise you.

Understanding the ever-growing SMSF market| Expert Talks with Mr. Yannick Ieko

Investment in self-managed super funds (SMSF) may be a critical decision to make. And, amid the volatile market, people are more concerned about choosing the most promising assets. To help us understand the subject better, we have a special guest on our show. 

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