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We Help You Get Better Results From Your Super Fund

We help the trustees of Self Managed Super Funds optimise their loan and lending structure to get the best possible outcome, using the best lending products, smart strategies, and carefully tailored service.

Imagine you could borrow at a competitive interest rate and purchase a high-growth, high yield property. Or imagine you could purchase that hobby farm you’ve always dreamed of, inside your super.

  • > Commercial Loans – From 3.95% P.A. at 40% LVR
  • > Residential Loans – From 4.2% P.A. at 60% LVR (basic, low fees, no offset)

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SMSF Growth

Here's How We Help You Start Your SMSF

Working with us is easy, fast, and cost-effective.
  • Residential SMSF Property Loans

    As a SMSF trustee, borrowing to purchase an investment property could be the financial kick-start you’ve been searching for. We can help you access the best finance solutions to purchase your investment. Our strategies help to maximise the growth of your SMSF residential investment property.

  • SMSF Loan Refinance

    If your residential or commercial property loan is more than 2 years old, you could be missing out on more competitive products recently released to the market. We compare products and strategies with your finance needs, to match you with the most cost-effective loan for your circumstances.

  • SMSF Setup

    Ensure your self managed super fund is set up correctly and compliantly. We help with the set up of your fund, all the way through to the settlement of your property - we can even organise to have your loan pre-approved before your super fund has been established.

  • Commercial SMSF Property Loans

    Looking for a loan to purchase a commercial investment property inside of super? With access to a number of commercial loan products, we can build a tailored investment strategy for your self managed super fund commercial property investment.

  • SMSF Lending Strategy

    The performance of your super fund plays a big part in determining how much money you retire with. We can provide a range of tailored products and strategies to make your SMSF investment property perform even better.

  • Bad Credit SMSF Loans

    Having a bad credit score doesn’t have to mean you miss out on borrowing to invest or get stuck with high interest rates. At SMSF Loan Experts, we offer lending solutions especially geared for clients with a less than perfect credit history.

The Truth About Most SMSF Loans You'll Find On The Market Today

Most common self managed super fund loans are stiff and restrictive - meaning you’re generally bound to a higher interest rate, with limits around the types of property you can borrow within your super fund.

As a result, it’s not uncommon for many self managed super funds to end up with lost deposits, non-compliant structures or loans that limit the outcome of their investment. These errors could mean the SMSF trustee misses out on a larger nest egg when they retire.

We use our expertise to help facilitate the entire process to avoid unnecessary issues arising. We make investing simple, with great rates to boot!

Low Interest Rate & Flexible SMSF Loans

Access Ultra-competitive SMSF loan rates with unrivalled property flexibility.
  • Loan Approval

    Approval for more property types including high rises, hobby farms, and agricultural operations

  • Property Loans

    Higher purchasing capacity and lower rates than other brokers.

  • Experts

    Expert attention to the complex paperwork required for self managed super funds

reduce SMSF loan balance

The Right SMSF Loan Could Add Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars To Your Retirement

With a correctly optimised loan, Self managed super fund structure, & property type, your fund could be hundreds of thousands of dollars larger when you retire. Here's some questions you need to ask when borrowing in your super fund.

Has my SMSF been given its maximum borrowing capacity?

If not, you’re missing out on optimising your investment returns.

If not, your fund may end up paying thousands and thousands of dollars in fees and interests over the life of the loan – resulting in a lower balance in retirement.

Did you know that some lenders offer vastly different loan to value ratios to SMSF borrowers?

Being short changed could limit your purchasing capacity -resulting in a lower balance at retirement.