How much money do I need in Super before it makes sense to setup my own SMSF?

How much money should I have in Super before it makes sense to establish my own SMSF? This is a question which we’re often asked and which we often see discussed in SMSF circles. The ATO has provided a suggested figure of around 150k. Some advisers will suggest that a figure of $250-500k is an appropriate amount to have in your fund before it becomes worthwhile to establish an SMSF. One way to look at this scenario is to establish the costs involved in administering your SMSF. Realistically, you can expect to pay $1500 – 2000 in annual admin costs. So if you have an industry super fund, for example, you would need to have around 300k in your fund before your fees reached the same kind of mark as you would expect to pay for SMSF admin. Using this as your benchmark then, a figure of around 250k would be suitable to establish your own fund. However if you’re looking at using your SMSF for a different investment strategy than that which would apply to – a regular fund, then we’re no longer comparing apples with apples and need to look more closely at what an appropriate amount to have in your Super might be.