SMSF Liquidity Requirements (and how to reduce their impact on borrowing capacity)

SMSF Liquidity requirements are a relatively new feature of most SMSF loans that can reduce your SMSF's borrowing capacity. To understand how liquidity requirements work - and how you can reduce the impact on your borrowing capacity - we'll start by defining just what 'liquidity' means. In terms of … [Read more...]

Structuring Your SMSF to Borrow and Invest in Property

Today we’re going to look at the structure that’s required for a self managed super fund to invest in property. We’ll look at the entities required - including the SMSF itself. More often than not, if you’re setting up an SMSF to invest in property, you’ll want to leverage - that is you’ll want to … [Read more...]

Why you should think twice before buying an (off the plan) apartment in your SMSF

We are not going a week without getting a distressed call from someone who has purchased an apartment with their SMSF only to find out that getting finance for it is extremely difficult and I thought it might help to discuss some of the things to look out for for trustees considering this kind of … [Read more...]